Balint Srbija

IBF Council Meeting-Balint symposium

19.05.2017 - 21.05.2017, Hotel Palas, Toplica Squeare 23, Belgrade, Serbia

IBF Council Meeting-Balint symposium “The Doctor, the External Reality and Balint Group Work” was held from 19th-21st May in Hotel Palace in Belgrade. The conference was attended by 64 participants, of which over 30 certified Balint leaders were from different countries (Israel, Sweden, America, Portugal, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Russia, Hungary, Polish, Italian, Finland).
The plenary lecture on the above topic was held by Dr. Henry Jablonski from Sweden.
Work was carried out in 5 Balint groups, 4 in English and 1 Serbian language. During the conference participants exchanged valuable experiences between physicians from all around the world.