Balint Srbija

About society

The Balint Society of Serbia (the BSS) is a professional organization which delivers education using the Balint method to the doctors and other professionals from the health care system in Serbia.

Balint education is organized through in Balint groups and is focused on doctor-patient relationship, and it is a part of the basic and continuing medical education (CME) in the most European countries.

A good doctor-patient relationship is expected in everyday practice but during the basic medical education this relationship is not learned enough. Multidimensional, complex doctor-patient relationship based on knowledge, skills and attitudes is taught and "trained" in Balint groups. A good relationship is beneficial for the patient who feels satisfied and understood and doctor who is protected from burn out, which leads to a "healthy doctor - healthy patient" concept, makes physicians to work more efficiently and Balint groups complementary to the traditional medical education.

The BSS was founded in 2003. In 2004 the BSS became a member of the International Balint Federation / the IBF and implements education according to the IBF standards and criteria. The BSS is responsible for high professional, ethical and educational standards in the field of Balint education and it is linked with other professional associations and institutions.

The goals of the BSS are:

  • to train doctors how to improve the skill of doctor-patient relationship based on psychotherapeutic basis
  • to enable the implementation of Balint method in everyday practice
  • to provide education for Balint group leaders

The BSS performs its activities through:

  • Balint seminars
  • Balint courses
  • Balint workshops
  • Intensive colaboration with the IBF and other Balint societies