Balint Srbija

Balint groups

Balint education is done through the work of Balint group named after its founder, the great man of medicine and psychoanalysis Michael Balint. Working in a Balint group is focused on doctor-patient relationship.

Balint group is an educational, small training group and it is methodologically a combination of experiential and supervision group. Group consists of eight to twelve members, in which, through the personal experience of learning and practicing skills of the therapeutic relationship with the patient. Doctor-patient relationship, essential in any treatment is based on certain rules and psychotherapeutic skills that are required for a complete diagnosis and therapy that is in the domain of a general practitioner.

Working in a Balint group methodology was standardized and carried out through the oral "case" in everyday medical practice under the guidance of certified Balint leader. The group meets at regular intervals for a period of 1.5 hours.

Classical Balint group is primarily for general practice and doctors of other specialties and today it has extended its application to other professionals in the health care system.