Balint Srbija


Balint education

Internationally accredited training

The Balint Society of Serbia, the member of the International Balint Federation/IBF, independently implement education in Balint groups:

Basic Balint education and Education for Balint Leadership

According to criteria and standards of both our society and IBF. The role of the IBF, member of the Council of Europe, is to maintain professional and training standards of Balint education in the world.

Balint Leadership

Accredited Balint leader is person who has completed educational process as a Balint group leader according to the standards and criteria of the BSS and IBF. Balint leader requires a minimum of three years of basic education in Balint groups, Co-leaders training, training in Balint seminars for leaders, assessment of the Expert Committee of BSS suggested by the supervisor.

Balint groups are intended for: primarily to physicians and other healthcare professionals.

All forms of education of BSS are accredited by the Serbian Medical Chamber with assigned number of CME credit points.