Balint Srbija

Balint Seminar- from 1995. and further

18.12.1995 - 17.06.2019, Naw in the Policlinic Center "Stari grad" Simina 27, Belgrade

BALINT SEMINAR – two-semester 1995

Balint education, in the form of a two-semester Balint seminar (Balint groups), was organized for the first time in Serbia, at the Institute of Mental Health, Belgrade, according to the regulations and standards of the International Balint Federation / IBF.

In cooperation with the Balint Society of Serbia and the Institute for Mental Health, continuous Balint seminars were held from 1995 to 2010 on the place of the Institute of Mental Health / IMZ Palmotićeva 37, Belgrade. Balint presenters: Natasa Vranješ, MD, PhD, Tatjana Popović-Vasilić, MSc, neuropsychiatrists, IMZ psychotherapists

The Balint Society of Serbia continued its education with Balint from 2010 onwards at the places of the Health Center “Old town”, Simina 27, Belgrade.